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about driving and roads in Ukraine

posted: Wed Jul 12, 2006 2:03 pm Post subject: Driving

I have also been considering driving to the Ukraine, and taking a UK car depends on how long you will be staying. If the car is to be taken back out of the country within a year, then there is no import tax payable as long as you do not overstay the 1 year period or sell the car whilst you are there. If the car is considered a permanent import then customs duties will be payable either at the time of entry or when within the first year you decide it will not be re-exported. I have had difficulty getting a definitive answer on the duty payable and have been quoted everything from 20% to 300% of the value of the car. I believe that the car has to be registered with the Ukrainian authorities after a period of time (2 months rings a bell) and I assume you are then issued with red Ukrainian transit plates. The quality of the roads is very variable and also depends on the time of year. In spring the roads are very broken up and pot holed due to the extreme temperatures breaking the roads up, but as the year progresses maintenance is undertaken and at least the main roads are reasonable. Don't be surprised if you suddenly find that Ukrainian drivers appear to have adopted driving on the left. This is nothing to do with lack of concentration but is purely a practical solution to the correct side of the road being unpassable due to pot holes. The oncoming traffic will always make room for you to pass on the right even if it does seem that you are playing an ellaborate game of chicken. Generally Ukrainian drivers are courteous and considerate; you will rarely see any evidence of road rage. Be prepared to give way at roundabouts and junctions where it wouldn't be necessary in the UK. If you are on a roundabout and a major road joins in front of you, the joining road has right of way and you are expected to stop on the roundabout to give way. Seat belts for car drivers and passengers are compulsary as well as crash helmets for motorcyclists, but I am yet to see anyone that wears either. Out of habit I tried to fasten a seat belt in a taxi only to find that it was incomplete; nowhere to plug it in. Another time my taxi was stopped by the police and all he wanted was to see the drivers documents and made no comment about neither of us being strapped in. My friend has a modern western car so to stop the audible and visual alarms for not wearing the belt they are passed round the back of the seat and permanently plugged in. Personally I find public transport and taxis the best way to travel around cities; both are cheap and plentiful. If you are going to drive then forget everything that you've learned about the Highway Code and just drive with caution, giving way to everyone, and you'll probably be ok. After seven visits to the Ukraine I'm just beginning to get used to being driven there and I now feel brave enough to try driving myself.......... and I'm a confident 30,000 mile a year driver. Good luck

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