Зеленый туризм. Буша, Винницкая обл. Ямпольский р-н Green tourism in Ukraine. Busha

How to get to Busha, accomodation

   It was May,2008 when I revealed this village to myself. I used to live in Kiev but all the time after I became retired I dreamed to leave the big city and live close to nature. When I came here this place astonished me with its good energetic power and I said to myself that I'd be living here. My dream came true, in a year I removed to the village and I have no desire to come back to Kiev.


   If you decide to come to know this wonderful place you're welcome to stay as long as you wish. I can offer beds for 3-4 persons and breakfast  for $30 per night. It's possible to cook or eating in the local cafe. You may camp just bring your own equipment. If you're from the Europe you can come by your own car or van or motobike. In this case you can go to Vinnitsa (district city). it's about 160km from here. Busha is in 30km from the town of Mogilov-Podilsky. It's the border with Moldova and ther is the bridge across the river Dnister to the border crossing. My son cam meet you in Kiev and organize your trip by train to Mogiliv-Podilsky where I meet you.   The price of the local taxi depends on the price of petrol.

   This place is far froim any industrial enterprices and  all vegetables are eco-friendly and especially I want to mention milk and other milk stuff - cheese, country chees, sour-cream. I can't imagine my life without all these food-stuff. 

  Write me and I'll answer all your questions.  


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