Зеленый туризм. Буша, Винницкая обл. Ямпольский р-н Green tourism in Ukraine. Busha

The historical essay about Busha

    The village Busha (Yampilskyi district of Vinnytsia region) is located on the banks of the small but rapid river Bushanka. The main historic sites of this area date back to different centuries: the settlement of the Trypilian, Scythian, Cherniakhivska cultures, old Rus settlements of XI-XII centuries,  defencive fortress of XVI-XVII centuries, Pre-Chrystian temple with a unique rocky temple with relief of V-XI centuries, cementary of the XVII-XIX centuries, the park of stone sculptures of the XX century. All this shows that people have been living here for thousands of years.


     In 1883 Professor of the Kyiv University  Antonovych opened  the unique relief in Busha, referring its creation for  pre-Chrystian times . And another ancient rock sculptor created a tree without leaves, a rooster, a deer and a mysterious man (or a pregnant woman). Nothing like this doesn't exist in any other country in the world. Scientists are still scratching their heads over this image, trying to decipher the message of the ancient artist, and sometimes pushing the most unbelievable theories related to aliens.

      In the second half of the XVI century Busha's lands were in possesion of great crown chancellor and hetman Jan Zamoiskyi and later - his son, Tomash. At this time construction of the castle with six towers, connected by underground passages, began. In each of the towers was a powder keg. One observation tower has survived to our times. Tall and strong walls of the castle were able to stand any attack by the enemy. The town grew rapidly and by the beginning of the XVII century it was already a fairly large city of Bratslav region.

     Busha entered the history of Ukraine as the famous and glorious war of liberation in 1648-1654. Almost all male population of the city, capable to fight, went into the army of Bohdan Khmelnitskiy. Enemy troops expected an easy victory when they learned that mostly women and children remained in the city.

     Residents decided to defend their city to the last breath. Women and children took arms up. The attackers were not expecting resistance, so that their cruelty and rage knew no bounds, they killed everyone who came along the way. The defenders poured on Polish gentry hot tar, threw stones from high walls, the town people tried to defend their freedom. A few days later masculine women and children fought back Polish soldiers. Soon very few defenders left ,and Marianna Zavisska became the leader of the defence. When she realized that she wouldn't be able to survive, people gathered together, locked themselves in a cellar and set fire to the powder. A terrible explosion destroyed not only the defenders but also many enemies.
     The tragic defence of the city became a symbol of the courage of the Ukrainian people.
      Ukrainian writer Mykhailo Starytskyi was so struck by these events that he wrote the famous novel "The defence of Busha".

      The city practically had no inhabitants, the ruins of the castle had overgrown with grass, and only the tower survived after those terrible events.

      The revival of the town has been  lasting for almost a century. So far, an observation tower of the fortress, cellars and underground course littered with stones remained .
      The historical sculpture park is located around the surviving tower of the castle. Talented and gifted contemporary artists,sculptors and painters embodied the history of the region in their sculptures of local stone, sandstone, combining legends and reality.

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